Open 8am - 6pm, 5 days a week

Peekaboo Daycare, Cortonwood Comeback Centre, Brampton, Rotherham

A GREAT place to GROW.

Peekaboo Daycare is a Private Day Nursery which is registered by OFSTED to care for 28 children ranging from 2 years old up to the age of 5 years.
We think that you will find that Peekaboo is substantially different from other day nurseries. We are situated within Cortonwood Comeback Centre. Peekaboo Daycare provides our children with a range of free flow activities for every age, with modern facilities.
Lots of challenge and opportunity inside is only enhanced with the play and exploration opportunities outside.
A foundation of positive early years experiences will prepare your child for the challenges of childhood and the world beyond.


    Highly skilled and qualified practitioners provide the most effective play opportunities and experiences in order that children can develop self-confidence, self-respect and a passion for learning.
    Peekaboo staff are committed to providing care to the highest of standards. They have been carefully selected, not only on the basis of qualifications, professionalism and experience but also for their enthusiasm, dedication, caring nature and sensitivity towards the needs of children. They are highly motivated to provide a top class service (and they love having fun too).