Careers and Development

Peekaboo Daycare is very passionate about the continued professional development of our nursery team.  We understand that to offer the best standard of care and varied learning experiences for our children a well trained nursery team is paramount.  To be able to do this we know that each team member is key; needing a supportive learning environment and detailed development plan with a range of experiences and training to embark on.  Peekaboo Daycare is dedicated to ensuring that each member of staff makes the best of their career in early years.
Peekaboo Daycare will support your Continued Professional Development by: 

  • Working with you to produce and update your individual professional development plan
  • Offering a mentoring service to ensure you get the best from your development plan and training opportunities as well as providing support in making informed decisions about what you do next
  • Supporting any continued training; this can be from NVQ to degree level qualifications
  • Offering tailored in house training and development
  • Providing opportunities to attend training conducted by the local early years team
  • Ensuring regular contact time during appraisals and one to one meetings which is complimented with an open door policy to your management team